Saturday, January 7, 2012

My Name Is Jennifer and I Have A Problem

And boy am I in the wrong place.

You see, I am addicted to shoes. And purses. But mainly shoes. I love them. I dream about them. If I could marry them I would (although I´m guessing that both Brian and the Republican Party might have something to say about that).

Let me present exhibit A:

My first pair of Brazilian shoes, I found them when Nadja brought me to her favorite shoe store at the local mall, ARREZZO. It looks like a small shop, but do not be deceived. It has dozens and dozens and dozens of shoes, all of them beautifully crafted, and in your size. And what is that? A matching bag you say? Well, I don´t mind if I do......

On to Exhibit B:

Havaiianas. The *BEST* rubber flip-flop; cute, comfortable and available in a zillion yummy colors. These are the ones with the thin straps that I prefer, and did you know that they sell these little rhinestone-encrusted charms that you can have surgically attached to the straps? Well now you do! How fun is that?!?

I chose a pretty orange butterfly and a Brazilian flag - how´s that for an awesome souvenier? Daily History Lesson: In the Brazilian flag the green stands for the forest/jungle, the yellow is for gold, the blue is for the ocean and the white is for peace. Don´t you feel smarter? Also, Nadja´s daughter Carina is studying advertising in college and told me all about the history of Havaiianas - they are native to Brazil, and for years were just the cheap shoes that poor workers wore. Enter a brilliant marketing campaign and - viola! - they are now much-sought-after around the world (and of course MUCH more expensive). You gotta love marketing.

Which brings us to Exhibit C:

Yes, they are red like Exhibit A and they are flip-flops like Exhibit B, but did you see the giant diamond?

OK, OK, it´s not really a diamond, but still. How could I possibly reisist that combination of simple elegance and bling?

Which brings us to Exhibit D:

Oh. My. God. Seriously - are you looking at these?!? Do you SEE them?!?

I don´t think the pictures do them justice. The large stones are the palest pink, with shimmery flecks throughout, ringed by diamonds - fine, rhinestones - with bigger stones in between. They wrap around the ankle with a sheer floral scarf-like ribbon, although I´m not sure if I´m in love with that part. But no matter; I have an excellent shoe guy at home who can fix them up for me. It´s not a big deal because, as I mentioned before:


Just looking at these shoes makes me happy. They make me feel warm and peaceful, and thus make the world a better place. Never underestimate the power of a really great pair of shoes.

In the name of the father, the son, and the holy ghost. Amen.

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