Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Best Friend

No, it´s not Nadja. Nadja introduced me to the devil´s workshop - a store filled with exquisite, high quality (read: $$$) shoes and purses, the kind that make you ache with longing as you consider how much you might reasonably get for your first born on the black market. So Nadja is currently at the top of my sh*t list, but more on that later.

No, my new best friend is this:

The passion fruit caipirinha. It is sweet, sour, just a little bitter and very fresh. It smells divine and makes me giddy. All qualities that I value in a friend. It also comes in a glass, and while this isn´t something I necessarily look for in a companion, I can´t say it isn´t convenient. The best part? I can make it myself, once Rafael shows me how. (He says if you make it with organic cachaça then it´s considered a health drink. Did I mention he is brilliant?)

Some friendships come and go, but I think this one is going to last.......Saude!

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